Last updated : 15 January 2003 By Editor
Roy Keane in the Irish Independent on returning to play for Ireland and being the next manager at Old Trafford.

"It is obviously up to myself but I have to speak to the new manager of the team and find out where he wants the team to go and whether things are going to be done properly," he said.

"Obviously I have had my injury problems and Man United will be looking for me to look after myself now.

"I will have to discuss it with my family in Cork. I have got my mam and dad, three brothers and my sister and I think it's important how they feel.

His comeback from the hip injury.

"It's been a difficult three or four months and then, having got three or four matches under my belt, my hamstring felt very, very tight. That's why I came off against Portsmouth. Unfortunately I missed an important match last week against Blackburn, but I played on Saturday and please God I can go the next three-a-half years injury-free," he said.

He won't be a manager for a while though.

"Well, I can't manage myself, never mind anybody else," he joked.

"I have another three-and-half years of playing so I will cross that bridge when I get to it. I want to concentrate on playing and we'll wait and see if I become a manager further down the line. Playing is my priority now!"

Learning from the master.

"I look at our manager (Ferguson) and his biggest strength since I have been at the club has been the support of the players. Good or bad, he has always been there for the players and I think that eventually the manager gets his rewards if he looks after his players.

"I think it is very important for a player to have a good working relationship with his manager. Some managers don't seem to have that, they just concentrate on the results.