Last updated : 23 January 2003 By Editor
"Paul has settled into the positions we know he is good at, he's always been
given the licence to be that extra player to get into the box and he's matured,
he's been fantastic this season. Maturity brings a lot of things - understanding
and a realisation of what he is good at."

"I thought we played exceptionally in the first half. They could not control Paul
Scholes and he won the match for us. He's settled into the position we know
he's good at. It's his maturity and he's just been fantastic, he's best at the role
he's playing now."

He was worried during the match though:

"You fear because we were having some good attacking opportunities and
Brad Friedel was having a fantastic game in goal. I think we're getting better
away form, which has been questionable this season I have to say. We have
to have really top performances away from home in league now."