High Expectations

Last updated : 05 August 2007 By Editor

"Chelsea will be looking to win it straight back.

"They have got a very strong squad and they will be our main rivals again next season.

"The main emotion after winning it last year was relief. There are a lot of players who haven't won it. So obviously I'm delighted to be one of the ones who have.

"It's a real pleasure and a real honour to be a Premier League winner and hopefully there will be plenty more to come in the near future.

"I sort of knew it was going to come. I knew we had the potential because we had a young squad and the players were growing well together as a team. We started the season really well and we were consistent all the way through."


"Playing with Owen is brilliant. He runs all over the pitch and links up the play. He's so unselfish, one of those players who people don't always see what he does for the team.

"He's a really strong person too. He took criticism from the England fans at the World Cup but he just kept on and he was our best player in the end.

"He'll be a great addition and I think he can link well with Michael Carrick. Michael can get forward more, while Owen likes to win the ball and pass it on."