Last updated : 25 January 2004 By Editor

"My ambition is to play not just to watch. I want to do all my talking on the pitch now, but I am never going to be content with just the shirt. I need to be part of the team," he says.

"I think I will be under pressure straight away and it could be hard for the first two or three months while I settle in. But they bought me now so they must need a striker now, and I will have to adapt quickly.

"I don't think I will have long. The big games will be coming very quickly and I will have to improve fast.

"I need to score my first goals quite quickly. I am full of confidence because I am doing well at the moment and I know that can change. But I will be playing with big players and will improve."

He hopes he can hit it off with Ruud:

"I am not sure if the way I play complements him. He has got every quality a striker needs, so it might be hard because he does it all already," says Louis.

"But I think I can definitely develop a partnership with Ruud. He is a great player and everyone knows that if you play alongside a player like Ruud, then you are going to improve.

"But I cannot think too much about partnering Ruud or following in the footsteps of great French players like Eric Cantona - that is too much for me. I just want to play.

He hopes that Fulham have no hard feelings:

"It wasn't easy when the story (the move) came out and there were days when I got quite low.

"But I'm just pleased that, no matter how difficult relations got at the training ground, I continued doing a good job for Fulham. I owe the club a lot and I hope that I have helped secure their Premiership future for another season at least."