Last updated : 31 January 2003 By Editor
"Being one of the older lads, there is a bit of banter about it in training but it is
more about having more experience rather than being an age thing"

"When I came into the squad, Bryan Robson was there and if you needed
someone to talk to you could talk to him. I think young players these days are
a lot more confident then I certainly was and the other lads I have grown up
with but I suppose if they do need to talk to anyone they can come to one of
the more experienced players. I don't know how hard it is for a youngster to
break into the team these days but when I was young I felt it was really hard."

"People asked if I was surprised how well they had done but you expect that
because I have seen the players who have come in and done well and it's not
surprising for me or the rest of the lads because we see them every day in