Last updated : 15 January 2004 By Editor
IMUSA raised the issue of Northampton’s decision to charge an outrageous £35 for next week’s cup tie with United, given that both clubs have to agree to any price increases/decreases for FA Cup fixtures.

Given that United will already be claiming their share of the Sky money and the gate receipts the pressure applied by IMUSA has forced the plc to agree to a £10 subsidy on each ticket in United’s allocation.

IMUSA Vice Chair Mick Meade said:

"IMUSA appreciate this gesture by Manchester United in recognising that in looking to assist with the financial stability of any lower league club, they still have a duty to their own supporters who contrary to urban myths don't have bottomless pockets."

So the smug Northampton supporters club gobsh*te quoted in the news item below will now effectively be paying far more than United fans are to watch the fixture.

Ain’t life sweet sometimes?