Last updated : 05 January 2003 By Editor

From Ananova:

Fourth division Steaua Nicolae Balcescu have been threatened with expulsion
from the league after repeated pitch invasions and violent outbreaks.

Worried bosses think a moat, stocked with fully-grown hungry crocodiles,
would be the only way to keep their fans off the pitch.

Club chairman Alexandra Cringus said: "This is not a joke. We can get
crocodiles easy enough and feed them on meat from the local abattoir.

"The ditch is planned to be wide enough that no one could manage to jump
over it. Anyone who attempted to do so would have to deal with the crocs.

"I think that the problem of fans running onto the pitch will be solved once
and for all."

The moat would have electric pipes installed to heat the water during cold
weather. And it would be far enough from the pitch to prevent players
chasing the ball right into it.

The proposal is being considered by local authorities.

Ed. Steve Irwin has been contacted about a ball boy position.