Last updated : 26 January 2004 By Editor
'Men with the wealth of John Magnier and JP McManus are used
to getting their own way, which is why their demand for an
investigation into the transfer activities of Manchester
United will not easily be swept under the carpet.

'Part of the problem for Sir Alex may be that there is no
shortage of media men waiting to wade into him because so
many have experienced the cutting edge of his tongue over
the years.

'Of course, there is no proof of any wrong doing by
Manchester United at this stage. But the affair should at
least highlight the hugely detrimental effect agents have on

'This is not just about United, and the FA should be mindful
that Ferguson is starting to find himself at the centre of a
witch hunt which has everything to do with power, money and

'But United's discomfort highlights a deeper malaise within
the game. As for Sir Alex, the once unthinkable possibility
of the affair costing him his job is beginning to be voiced,
especially if the Irish boys garner a controlling interest
of Manchester United plc.'