Is Rooneys United Career in doubt

Last updated : 05 February 2013 By DSG

It has been brought to my attention a lot recently that Rooney could leave United. The England international has been suffering with form recently and has found it hard to score goals. His Manchester United career has not gone according to plan in the past few years with him handing in a transfer request only for him to sign a new contract a week later. In the statement Rooney and his representatives released stated the move was not about money but about ambition. I don't think anyone believed it for one second as Manchester United are one of the most successful clubs in the world and one of the biggest, if not the biggest.

Other issues such as the increasing amount of injuries that the striker has been receiving recently had an impact on his decent goalscoring record at United but also it impacted on the media as they thought he didn't have the drive to be a United player. Rooney however has never been a goalscoring machine in the Premier League. The statistics tell us that in only 2 out of 11 seasons in the Premier League has Rooney managed to break the 20 goal barrier which is poor for a striker who cost nearly ?30 million.

This season though we are seeing different sides of the 27 year old. The striker started saying that he would adopt the role of a central midfielder to benefit United. This says to me that his situation is unstable as a striker for United and he'll do anything for the team.

So why is his position as a forward uncertain? Well it could be that United have splashed out on Robin Van Persie and because he is on fire upfront, Rooney doesn't need to be there. Also Rooney isn't scoring many. In most teams if a striker who has played most games gets nine goals it is a very reasonable return but when it is Wayne Rooney and you are playing for Manchester United, it is not brilliant. Another reason could be that Javier Hernandez is sitting on the bench and when he plays, he scores and also there is young England international Danny Welbeck eagerly waiting for his opportunity and it won't be long to wait. Further reasons are the prospects of Poland international Robert Lewandowski heading to Old Trafford in the Summer.

Of course all of the speculation over Wayne Rooney's future could be just hot air and it most likely is. However it does make you think what if? Where will He Go? How much for? Who will replace him? This summer will be a massive summer for United and Rooney. I think if they win the League and get to the final of the Champions League Rooney will stay but if they don't, he could move to sunny Spain.

Source: DSG

Source: DSG