Last updated : 10 January 2003 By Editor
David Beckham isn’t happy with United’s away form.

With just two away wins this season United have an away win average of just 20 per cent this term, compared to an average of 54 per cent over the previous 10 seasons.

Becks said:

"We have got to improve on that if we want to win the Premier League and become champions again.

"You've got to go to grounds and teams must be scared of you. That's what it has been like the last few years. We have gone away and filled grounds, just because Manchester United are there. Fans love coming to see United play - it's a big thing.

"And that's why we've got to go to away grounds and perform.

"We've been encouraged by beating Newcastle, Arsenal and Liverpool recently but over the last four, five, six years we've won the league not just because we've beaten the big teams but because we've beaten the lower teams.

"We've slipped up on that this season at times. That's the disappointing thing because we've beaten Arsenal, beaten Liverpool and beaten other big teams.

"Personally, I think the Premiership is the one. The European Cup is a massive bonus and a great competition to play in and win.

"But the all-important one is the Premiership. Losing out last year to Arsenal was disappointing and it's up to us this year to keep fighting and get it back.

"The championship is the most important one, the first one you want to get. Then, hopefully, you move on to the others.

"Every game is going to be important from now on, whoever it's against, especially when we're not top of the league.

"When you're in the chasing pack you've got to stay with the leaders as much as you can, particularly with a side like Arsenal leading the way.”