Last updated : 16 January 2006 By Ed

From the official site:

"It's straightforward, I can only give you the stuff we've had from the medical people. He's got blurred vision and until that clears he can't play.

"He definitely hasn't got a cist on his eye, I can assure you of that. The problem is with the stuff that's written about the situation - saying that he's going blind gives me something I have to respond to, and I really shouldn't have to.

"Three years ago they [the press] were on his parents' doorstep saying he had cancer. God almighty, what kind of journalism are we dealing with nowadays?

"And I'm having to answer to you when there's nothing there. It's straightforward, he's got blurred vision. That doesn't mean to say he's dying!

"They [doctors] say possibly a couple of weeks, we don't know. While he's still got blurred vision I, as a coach, wouldn't pick him anyway."