It Speaks

Last updated : 26 October 2007 By editor

Joel Glazer was speaking after attending an Economist-backed conference in London which was, according to the Telegraph, 'attended by some of the richest men in United States sport, many of them in town to attend Sunday's NFL game at Wembley between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants.'

Glazer, "It's the only club we were ever interested in. We are extremely sensitive to not changing the culture at Manchester United."

It spoke about the TV rights issue, "I think the collective TV rights model is working very well. It's a major reason why the Premier League is the most popular league in the world. All games are competitive and it, of course, attracts the world's top players. We're very supportive of the current model. It's something we've said from the outset."

It also ruled out any idea of moving away from Old Trafford, "Old Trafford is an icon for football around the world. What we have done with our new stadium in Tampa does not necessarily translate over here."