Last updated : 24 January 2006 By Ed

This for foaming thousands who read the Liverpool Echo:

"Scoring a last-minute winner against Liverpool, who are their big rivals, they are all buzzing and we would have probably been the same," Carragher said. "Gary Neville is to Manchester United what I am to Liverpool. We're both local lads who love our clubs but sometimes you can overstep the mark and he has probably overstepped it a touch. It does wind people up. Arjen Robben [of Chelsea] got sent off for celebrating with his own fans last week and [what Neville did] was probably worse than that.

"I think there is a line and Neville crossed it. I've heard people say it's justified because he gets a lot of stick from the Liverpool fans but the truth is he gets the stick because he's been doing that for years. That's why it all started. I feel the same way about Liverpool as Neville does about United but I don't act like that when we score against them. If I did I'd expect United fans to give me the same amount of abuse."

And a less hyped version to Sky Sports News:

"Obviously it was a big game with big rivalry.

"It means a lot to them and means a lot to us.

"If we'd have won with a last minute goal, I'm sure we would have celebrated. Maybe not gone that far, but it's a big game and there's no sour grapes from us or nothing.

"Good luck to them.

"He does [enjoy it]. He's a big United fan as I am [of] Liverpool.

"Sometimes you've got to be careful, though, as you can overstep the mark at times."