Last updated : 27 December 2004 By editor

"Roy Keane makes sure training is a serious affair, believe me, I found out if you make a mistake Keaney will be on at you, telling you to concentrate and trying to keep you from messing things up. It really is proper training and I discovered that from the first session. You have to do the best you can and put your tackles in because everyone wants to win even in a training game."

"If you make a mistake or you should have done something in a game the manager will also tell you, but I can't say I've had the full treatment yet when I've done something wrong. He's been nice."

"The manager really has been great with me. He always lets you know when he thinks you're doing things wrong, but also lets you know when you are doing things right as well, which is good. I have to say he has been different to what I thought he might be - he's been absolutely brilliant since I signed. He always backs his players and that makes him a great manager. All the players respect him."

Despite recently playing in midfield Rooney told Sky that he still sees himself as a striker:

"I am a striker. That's where I have always played and why I have got in the England team and where Manchester United have signed me to play."

"If I want to drop in I can and if I want to play higher up I can switch. What I try to do is find the spaces and get in there to try to get on the ball. I am always looking for a space to run into. I like to get on the ball as much as I can to get a feel of it."