Last updated : 18 January 2004 By Editor

Newspaper reports allege Brazilian club Atletico Paranaense were forced to negotiate only with agents stipulated by United and Kleberson's own representative Juan Figer was frozen out of the deal.

"I am very disturbed. Peter Kenyon (United's then chief executive) called me and said he wanted to buy Kleberson," Paranaense president Mario Celso Petraglia told the News of the World.

"He told me I should negotiate with two agents selected by Manchester United."

The FA have yet to receive the evidence but they have said any information would be carefully considered before any decision was taken on the next move.

"If they (the News of the World) have any information, they should pass it on to us and we would consider any developments from there," said FA spokesman Adrian Bevington.

"There is no formal investigation going on into this. We simply expect to receive any information making such allegations and our compliance until will then consider it.

"We need to see what the information is and then we will decide if any developments are necessary."

Paddy Harverson denies any wrong-doing to The NOTW:

“At no point whatsoever did we insist the deal be done through two agents. It is absolutely not correct.

"Like all our deals, the documentation goes through the FA and all the payments go through the FA, so it is all there for anyone to see."