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Martin O'Neill:

"Henrik's application was brilliant, they tell me, when he came back from his horrific broken leg, which he suffered in 1999.

"I came in at the back end, of course, when he had just recovered. {Joining Celtic]

"He had played some part in Sweden's games at Euro 2000, but his attitude to try to get fit was colossal and he has a whole host of assets in addition to his attitude. He can score goals. He's fantastic in the air and, above all, he is essentially a team player.

"I remember saying during the World Cup that's why he was retiring from international football and leaving Barcelona for Helsingborgs, for he'd been doing (Swedish international strike partner) Zlatan Ibrahimovic's work for the previous four years. Maybe the ultimate example of his work ethic was in the Uefa Cup final against Jose Mourinho's Porto when he scored two goals of the highest quality and, had we have won the game, it would have been his finest moment at that stage of his career.

About the European Cup Final when he turned the game last year:

"Ronaldinho had run out of ideas and Barcelona had run out of ideas. It sounds crazy about the most creative side in European football at the time but I was at the game and they had run out of ideas totally.

"I know Henrik's biggest regret at Barcelona was that he didn't start the number of games he was hoping to. But when the big night came along, he came off the bench and changed the course of the game. He felt capable of coming on and being able to change the game. He had that belief and that's the ultimate proof that Larsson could do it on any stage.

"He has class in other respects, too. When he came back to Celtic Park with Barcelona in a Champions League game, the only Champions League match we lost at home in my time there, he scored one of the goals in their 3-1 win. Henrik was one of the great players that Celtic have ever had. Inwardly, he was delighted at scoring but, knowing his character, I was in no way surprised that he did not show an outward sign of emotion against Celtic at Celtic Park. Did Henrik still want to score a goal? Absolutely. Of course he did, but his (sober) reaction was typical of him."

Villa's Stilian Petrov dives advice to Larsson, a former team-mate:

"Of course the Premiership is different.

"The pace is so much faster; you don't stand still for a minute, and if you make even a small mistake you are punished for it. In every other league you can get away with a few games when you don't have to be at full performance, but in England every team has three or four special players. That's why the Premiership is the best in the world.

"I don't think Henrik will need time to adjust to the pace. He's played at the highest level, in the Champions' League and in international football. It won't be a problem to him.

"In England you maybe don't know how good he is yet. A lot of people questioned if he could do it somewhere else, but he went to Barcelona and proved them wrong. He didn't just do well there, he did very well - he won them a European Cup. People always question top players, but Henrik is a true great. He will always be asked questions but come back with the answers."

Michael Carrick:

"Henrik has looked good in training. He is sharp and has settled in well. Hopefully he'll get a few goals in his time with United. I am sure he will be successful."

Thierry Henry [re: Europena Cup Final last May]

"People always talk about Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Giuly and everything but I didn't see them today; I saw Henrik Larsson".