Last updated : 03 August 2004 By editor
David Gill talking to Man United radio.

How do you assess the trip to America, David? Was it a success?
"Overall, I think it can be viewed as a success. In terms of the training and the way we were received over there, it was excellent."

Did you notice any difference in the support there this time? Is the support growing?
"Well, we got 180,000-190,000 fans at the three games, which was more than any other club I hasten to add. In that respect it was spectacular. I wouldn't say there was a great deal of a difference in the two tours. The interest in Manchester United is still growing in America. “

Leaving behind the poor weather we've had so far to train in good conditions in the excellent facilities in the States must have been a big help for pre-season training...
"That's right. And I think it's important to note for everyone, that is the reason we go there. It is part of the pre-season, the manager signs off all the travel arrangements, the facilities, the hotels. Where we based ourselves, in Philadelphia, the facilities are second to none. They are superb.”

With the pre-season schedule drawing to a close, are you looking forward to the new season?
"Very much so. In the summer we have had some key additions, both in terms of players, but also with the backroom staff; Carlos returning and Walter di Salvo who is our first full-time fitness coach. All the bricks are in place so hopefully we can have a good season.