Last updated : 28 April 2004 By editor

Former 'board adviser' Geoffrey Richmond's woes continued as he was declared bankrupt at Leeds county court as he was deemed to have no real prospect of paying off debts of more than £3.3m.

And former manager David 'Pig Face' O'Leary declares that Leeds turned him into an arsehole.

"I thought I was a bit of an arsehole in my last year at Leeds. I thought I had changed a bit and had too much to say. I was put up by the club to say too many things and now I think I just want to be myself again.'

"I was told to do this and that at Leeds and became too opinionated about things that had no relevance to myself.'

"After I left there was a sensational story about my transfer dealings but you could get the FBI and the CIA to investigate them. David O'Leary may be a crap manager but he is honest. I had to endure a smear campaign when I left Leeds and the way Leeds tried to do it was sad."