Liverpool v United Clash Is The Best Says Fergie

Last updated : 14 October 2011 By Utd Mad Ed

Fergie is referring to the shocking songs chanted about Munich and Hillsborough which earn both sets of fans condemnation from the rest of the league and warned that fans could be banned from each other’s grounds spoiling what is a tense and exciting atmosphere.

"I have always considered this to be the game of the season in English football," said Ferguson.

"It's never going to change. Both clubs need each other. Both clubs' history should be appreciated by each other's sets of fans."

He added: "It is annoying when I hear silly chants about Munich and Hillsborough. It doesn't do either club any good and if it came to a stage where fans were banned from each other's ground it wouldn't be the same game.

"Things may change in the next two or three years with Manchester City and whether or not the derby can equal a Manchester United game against Liverpool. But at the moment it remains the biggest.

"The history of both clubs should be respected. Hopefully we can see that because it's fantastic for fans to see these games - the rivalry, great footballers, the intensity."