Last updated : 20 September 2004 By editor

From MEN:

"All Tim can be hoping and praying is that he gets another chance because he knows he is not playing as well as he was at this stage last year.

"In the 25 games Howard played with Ferdinand in the side, United won 19 and conceded 16 goals. In the 20 games Tim has played since Rio was suspended, United won eight and let in 26 goals. You could say those statistics really show how important Rio Ferdinand is to United, and Roy Carroll might probably have had the same record had he been playing, but they also show how much United have missed Rio and probably how much Tim has missed having him in front of him.

"Tim is trying too much to compensate instead of going back to his basics and looking after the bread and butter things. He has been trying to over impress and do too much and when you are in this sort of run things don't go well for you. He must look after himself and get himself back into a situation where strategically he is comfortable which will help him and his defenders."