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"I don't know if it was a free kick, but that all depends on the referee," said Benitez. "I sometimes don't understand the decisions. I feel, though, that we lost a game that we were controlling and to lose in the last minute against a team you're challenging for second place makes it more disappointing."

Ferguson decided that he should face the media instead of Carlozzz was more supportive of Mr Riley’s decision:

"I think the replays clearly show that Evra was pulled back but, after losing to such a late goal, Liverpool are going to be unhappy," said Ferguson. "There was no way back for them after that goal. Our great teams of the past were littered with moments like that, with late goals winning games, and it's great to have that back.

"There's always tension and pressure and history when United play Liverpool, so the games will be tight because of the demands and expectation. Winning is the name of the game at this club."

was pleased with this captain’s contribution too:

"It was a marvellous leap by Rio. There's no reason why he can't do that more often. He is 6ft 3ins tall, has good spring and a big enough head! Having lost at Manchester City last week, this makes up for that disappointment."