Last updated : 03 December 2006 By Ed


"It's gone to six points and Chelsea have the game in hand. As we've said before, we'd rather have the points than the games in hand.

"We had to work hard out there today. It was probably our toughest game of the season. I think we deserved the three points.

"We're playing well.

"If we keep playing like that, I'm sure we'll be up there near the end."


"Of course it was a clear cut penalty; it looked as if the keeper hasn't touched him but there was clearly intent. What is Cristiano supposed to do? He was going to get carted anyway. This was an important result at a place which, as we know from past experience, is difficult to play at."


"I think that our away form has been fantastic.

"That's got to be needed because it's such a tight top of the league with ourselves and Chelsea.

"Today was a very important result for us. It's not an easy place to come to, as we've experienced in the past.

"They showed great resolution, the lads, even when Middlesbrough equalised we were straight back at them and they wanted to win it. That's important."

Gareth 'school uniform' Southgate:

"It was always a very tough game for us, they're the best side at the moment in the league, but obviously it's made a lot harder when you go behind to a goal like that.

"We started the game quite brightly and were well in it when they scored, and that knocked our confidence a bit. When you go behind to a team like United it's a very difficult ask to come back.

"Our goalkeeper has done everything he can to get out the way, there's clearly no contact - I didn't think so at the time and obviously when you see the replays there's nothing there - and the lad goes down once again. For me it's never a penalty.

"I don't know what you can do about it [Ronaldo's diving]. It happened again afterwards with a free-kick as well. That's for people who are better qualified than me to deal with.

"How many times are we going to see it? The lad's got a history of it. It was never a penalty and cost us the game. If players have the opportunity to stay on their feet and not play for a penalty then that's what they should do. It's very difficult for referees because it happens so quickly."