Match Quotes

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"On our bench we were getting terrible abuse from people (fans) two or three feet away. There is a lack of security here.

"It is absolutely disgraceful the abuse you and your staff take. All sorts of things are being shouted and screamed at you and there is an absolute danger here.


"I think Howard Webb has a great chance to be the top referee but today was a big game for him and, at times, he favoured Arsenal.

"Their second goal came from him not giving a free kick for a foul on Louis Saha. It should have been a foul for us.

"We thought we had done enough to win but that's football and I cannot believe we threw it away at the end.

"It was a lack of concentration on both goals. On their first one we should have cleared the ball away for a corner but didn't. We lost our bearings.

"I think we played well, had lots of good possession and had the better chances. We controlled the game but at the end for their second goal, the cross got the faintest of touches and they scored."

More still:

"I had the strongest bench that we've had all season, that's encouraging for us.

"The lads who have been playing all this time have been fantastic and we are very proud of them. But we can now alternate our teams a little bit better."

"Louis Saha made a marvellous contribution when he came on.

"He made a great pass for the goal to Evra who squared it for Ronaldo. At that point, I thought we were home and dry."



"I feel that our character was tested twice - just before half time and with a few minutes to go.

"Twice we were down and we came back against a good United side. That was satisfying.

"We were not at our best defensively and got caught with both goals.

"The first came from a low cross that travelled a long way without harassment and was not unusual in that.

"United are a strong side, title contenders without a doubt. At all times they looked as if they could take advantage of any mistake we made. They have clinical players. But we are ahead of them and have a game in hand. By Christmas we shall know more."


"We had to fight. We said if we had to die we would die together on that field.

"We had to stay top of the table - we have to put pressure on other teams."