Last updated : 05 August 2004 By editor

Keegan’s number two keeper is out for the season, and with no money left (not that there was any before either) Tiny Tears is in trouble, "I will have to get another goalkeeper in. Geert has snapped his Achilles, so he is out for the season. I can't take a risk with that position, so I will be talking to the chairman.

"If there is no money, there is no money but if we don't get someone in it would be a major risk as we would then be hoping nothing would happen to David James."

Claudio Reyna has been reading from the script, will these people never learn?

“There is a quiet confidence around the camp. Last season the expectations were probably a bit too high. This year, people are not expecting much from us — so we can maybe sneak up and show what we really can do.

“We have a fantastic set of fans and our stadium is incredible. We cannot fall back on the excuse that we have just moved into a new ground any more. We are comfortable there and know the surroundings and the fans. Now we must win games.”

Meanwhile, poor hard done to Robbie Fowler is fed up with life. "I seem to be the muggins who gets all the stick. I think it is clear for people to see that I am a player that thrives on confidence and when things don't go my way that drops a bit.”