Last updated : 17 May 2007 By Editor

Talking about Giggs:

"Even if he finishes tomorrow, he stands high in the history of our club given the number of games he has played.

"He has been tramping up and down that left wing for 15 or 16 years and there has been no player who has done that in the history of the Premier League.

"We pay particular attention to home talent and you hope when you run your youth programme, you are going to get players who will play for a long, long time. And when Ryan came to us as a 13-year-old he is the only youth player I have ever seen who I was sure would be a certainty to make it.

"I remember saying to Bobby Charlton: 'You have to come down and see this kid'. And our opinion was absolutely correct. It is very difficult to look at a 13-year-old and say they are a certainty and I have never done it since.

"When they come into a dressing-room young players, even Rooney and Ronaldo, are influenced by what Giggs has achieved. There is no doubt, though, that in a quiet way, Ryan will give the right advice to all the players."