Last updated : 31 January 2003 By Editor
Red Issue ran this story yesterday, from an impeccable source and not yet
reported anywhere else:

Leeds' deal with Newcastle for Woodgate has all but been pushed through as
the moneymen apply the pressure on your Yorkshire friends. Such is the
seriousness of Leeds' position part of their Thorpe Arch complex has been
sacrificed to developers whilst their lucrative (when Leeds were in Europe
anyway!) travel business has also been cashed in.

The on-off-on Woodgate sale may well have been orchestrated to reflect as
well as possible on El Tel and keep the fans off his back but such is the club's
desperation we hear two other saleable "assets" have been used as
"collateral" to raise money from American bankers. With the "assets" in
question having found out our snout wings in: "Elland Road isn't a happy
place to be right now, heh heh." El Tel's position is left hanging by a thread
but having said that, his position is probably only marginally less secure than
the future of the club itself.

Meanwhile, the official Leeds website has said:

"Any suggestions that Terry Venables has resigned are categorically untrue.
As Venables has suggested himself, he may well consider his long-term
future, but for the moment he is prepared to continue with his work at Elland

Venables himself was asked about his position by the press and only said:

"There's a press conference tomorrow."

Ridsdale himself has said:

"Terry Venables did not want to sell Jonathan Woodgate and I respect that
and I hope he stays"

"I hope he and I will sitting shoulder to shoulder looking to the future of Leeds
United Football Club. I sincerely believe he will stay."

It is reported that, at Elland Road last night, the Billy Bremner statue had a 'for
sale' sign hanging from it and it is also rumoured that the ticket sales for the
F.A. Cup replay with Gillingham are significantly less than 10'000. With the
above story now coming to light, it would appear as if things are going to get a
lot worse for Leeds United. Just think, as much fun as this is now, it'll be ten
times better in about two years when City capitulate.