Last updated : 29 December 2004 By editor

"They always seem to have two or three days’ rest in which to recover. Perhaps it’s something to do with the TV schedule," whined Mourinho.

"All my players are tired — especially John Terry. He has had to play two big games one after the other but at least he has a few days to get ready for Liverpool on Saturday."

Last week Mourinho criticised the Christmas schedule, this week his team are feeling too tired and he complains that it is not healthy.

"Yes, you can play two games in two or three days but it is still not correct. You can smoke three boxes of cigars and still be alive but that doesn’t mean it’s right or healthy. Playing so many games is certainly not healthy — especially for teams who still have European commitment."

For all his complaints he appears to be trying a bit of cod-psychology:

"I told my players at half-time this was not a day to dribble or play wonderful possession football. But it was a day to show how to be champions — which we did. Only top players can fight like we did today. From a mental point of view we have overcome a great obstacle by winning at Christmas. Six points out of six shows we do not have a jinx."