Last updated : 20 September 2004 By editor

Mourinho fumed: "It was frustrating for me and for every fan because people do not pay money to see one team play and another team defend, kick balls away, fall down, demand medical help and take five minutes to sub a player."

"As we say in my country Spurs came and put the team bus in front of goal. My team played fantastic football but, mentally, it’s very difficult to play against opponents who don’t let you play. Those sort of tactics are normal in Portugal."

"You have to understand it over there when you manage a big team and a very small team comes to your stadium. But in the Premiership, this was a big surprise. Tottenham are happy, I’m very disappointed. As the manager, I have to try to get around teams who play that way but if I was a fan and I had to pay money, I wouldn’t come."