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"Keane could argue with some statistical justification that I had it in for him as he was the player I disciplined more than any other.

"I first booked him when he was with Nottingham Forest in 1993 and the last time was January 2001.

"In between I sent him off four times and gave him another four yellow cards.

"But when I retired, he not only sent me a signed shirt but also an amusing and generous letter."

He goes onto Gaz Nev:

"Gary Neville is a serial moaner on the field and his voluble comments when Rio Ferdinand was stopped from playing for England shows he is the same off it as well.

"Never one to admit his own failings, let alone see another point of view, his face would contort with anger as he spat out his words of disagreement.

"It was somewhat ironic that he helped me make one of the biggest decisions of my career - sending off Roy Keane after the tackle on Alfie Inge Haaland.

"Given that Neville disputed almost every judgement which went against Manchester United, when he shouted 'it's only a yellow', it convinced me that it was at least a red card."

Then Denis Irwin, Peter Schmeichel, Teddy Sheringham, Ryan Giggs, although you couldn't argue about his thoughts on SOP and Winterburn:

"Two of the most miserable in my experience were Denis Irwin and Nigel Winterburn - I found it impossible to get a smile from them and they rarely spoke, except to be negative and offensive.

"Peter Schmeichel was close to the top of the Premier League of moaners and was never short of a word for me, his team-mates or opponents. And refereeing Spurs became less enjoyable when Teddy Sheringham moved back.

"The First Division of moaners would include Alan Shearer (in his early days), Ryan Giggs and Matt Le Tissier.

"I noticed something of a connection between Giggs' moods and his stubble - the longer he went without shaving, the more miserable he was.