Last updated : 20 August 2004 By editor

Our absent Olympian speaks from Athens; it is unlikely that Fergie will be delighted to hear this:

"I know what the coach has said and it does not worry me at all. I am not affected by it. I really wanted to be here and play for my country - it was very important to play for Argentina for me. When I finish here I will think of Manchester United.

"For me, it's normal that Manchester United complain because they made a big effort to sign me. It's normal to protest and of course the player is then caught in the middle. But my head is in this championship here though, and there is no point in my worrying about Manchester.

"I will think of that when I go home. Playing in the Copa America and now here means I have had a busy summer, but I like it. It's a great honour to be selected to play for Argentina and I wanted to be here."