Last updated : 22 June 2004 By editor

Eriksson had suggested that club managers should contact Rooney's agent for a chat.

"I'm disappointed with one or two comments from the England manager," Moyes told Sky Sports News.

"I expect the manager to know it's illegal to do that (contact the player's agent and try to sign him) because he is a player who is under contract.

"Secondly, I think it's the last thing we'd want and if he was Everton manager I think he would not want to be sitting in this position and have an international manager say that about one of his players. One of the remits I said when I came to the club was that we don't sell our best players. We are not in the business of selling."

Ah but…..

"I'd be lying if I was saying there wasn't a price on everybody's head, there is, and everybody knows that, but I can only tell people we have no intention of selling just now unless I get told by the board or unless I get told by Wayne that he doesn't want to play for Everton any more.

"I think if someone came in with that money (£50 million), everyone in the country would be saying you'd be right to take it because I think that's a big offer but, as far as I'm concerned, we've not had any offers - I do know we have not had any offers from anybody."

So the door is still ajar then?