Last updated : 31 January 2006 By Editor
Fergie's latest attempt to cosy up to the Glazers truly betray how puddled he's become:

"Prior to the club going plc, that is when the fans should have complained, but they didn't. They maybe thought it was going into the hands of the fans, but you know fine well, when you put a club into a plc anybody can buy it. I don't understand why there is so much emotion now."

Clearly he's forgotten the enormous hoo-ha in 1991 prior to flotation, which was also opposed by Sir Matt Busby (unlike today's charlatan a real man of principle, who was also firmly against Edwards' 1978 rights issue) and which Fergie himself objected to. Clearly too, he forgets his own statement last November when he said "we don't need anyone taking us over" not to mention his and his son's attempts to mount a consortium to takeover the club instead of Sky back in 1998.

Still, when money's his God, what else can we expect?