Last updated : 23 June 2004 By editor

"I know that Cristiano Ronaldo isn't going to give me a minute's rest on Thursday night," says Neville.

"I wouldn't normally talk about an opponent, but I know him at first-hand through United, and he has surprised me since Christmas. Before that there were glimpses of brilliance, but afterwards he has shown everyone at United that he will be a world-class player. He looks a danger in the air, a danger in the ground and a danger in all positions."

"He is the real thing - he is no show pony. He has surprised everyone in this tournament with his aerial threat so far. He is a fantastic player but I have played against him every day in training so far this season and will face him again on Thursday, either him or Figo - and myself and Ashley Cole are going to have to be at our very best.

"It's not so much the step-over - the worry for me is when a player can go either way. This player has a strong left foot and a strong right foot, and can go either way. In fact, Portugal will have two wide players who can go either way."