Last updated : 12 January 2007 By Editor
Gary Neville:

“The rewards are incredible for being a football player. We are doing something we love. We would do it for nothing but the fact is that a lot of us are getting paid an incredible amount of money.

“I like to think 99.9 per cent of footballers are grounded. When you lose a football match there's a reaction. Players who win matches drive Bentleys, players who don't win matches drive Bentleys, and it changes from week to week.

“You can't just say one week that they are driving Bentleys and they have just lost a match. I like to think the pride of a player is still there and that they give 100 per cent whatever car they have.

“I've earned an incredible amount of money through football. I don't apologise for that. It's just the situation I'm in. I have a nice house, I have a nice car, but I like to think I give 100 per cent every time I go out on the football pitch.

“I would have done exactly the same had I been a player 40 years ago. It's just the situation we're now in and that can't be held against us.

“Footballers are now almost like film stars, in terms of our profile. We're not just on the back pages, but on the front pages as well.

“The principles and ideals of our manager run through Manchester United. They run through our team. By that I mean the work ethic, the loyalty and the way in which United players carry themselves every day.”