Last updated : 03 August 2004 By editor
From Manchester Online.

BEN THATCHER admits that Manchester City's fans have taken his breath away with their fervour since his summer move from Leicester City.It hasn't taken him long to realise how different life is with the Blues than at his previous staging posts.

"I hurt my leg the day before the Bury game and just popped up there to watch, I couldn't believe how many City fans turned up, it was amazing," he said.

"It was unbelievable. I spoke to someone from Bury and they said it was the best gate for ages. It just shows the phenomenal support and what would happen if we really got going. It is staggering really.”

"From the moment I arrived in Manchester I realised just how big this club's support base is. Virtually every cab driver I have met has been a Blues fan and most of the staff in the hotel in which I am staying support City.”

"I think where I used to live in Surrey must be home to all the United supporters.”

"Even when I was out shopping with my wife in Manchester we saw loads and loads of people in City gear."