New TV deal delights Scudamore

The Premier League have sold the TV rights for the seasons 2013/14-2015/16 to Sky and new broadcast partner BT for the combined total of ?3.018billion. The staggering new deal represents an increase of ?1.245billion on the current partnership with Sky and ESPN and destroys any suggestion that the Premier League's bubble has burst.

"This will take our clubs up a notch closer to those clubs who benefit from the individual selling model, say in Spain," Scudamore said. "I hope this will keep our league as competitive as it can be, under a collective selling model, with the other leagues."

Under the new deal, the team that finishes bottom of the league will earn roughly the same as title winners Manchester City earned this season.

After two rounds of sealed bids, Sky paid ?2.28billion for the rights to five of the seven available packages, which translates to 116 live matches a season.

BT acquired two packages for a total of ?738million and will broadcast 38 matches in each of the three seasons covered by the deal, including 18 of the first-choice games.

Scudamore, with tongue firmly in cheek, described the new deals as "a decent commercial increase" and he admitted to being surprised by the final total.

But Scudamore believes the thrilling climax to last season, when Manchester City won the title on a dramatic final day, was a significant factor in the 70% increase.

"We have just come off the back of a fantastic season and, yes, it has been good for us that we are in the market and selling something at the time when what we are displaying on the field, and therefore able to broadcast, is an attractive proposition," Scudamore said.

"We couldn't have gone to market at a better time. The competition has continued to wow audiences. It is a compelling product. People want to watch it and therefore broadcasters want to broadcast it."

Source: PA

Source: PA