Last updated : 03 January 2003 By Editor
Steve Bruce obviously still hungover from his birthday celebrations. Here he describes new signing Christophe “eeyore” Dugarry:

"I played with Eric and he was a great fella. He was a big favourite and it would be nice to think Christophe could be the same.

"I think he will give everybody a lift. He's the biggest signing we've ever made and is up there with the big names of French football.

"He's the king of Bordeaux, though he has left his house, his boat and his vineyard to come to England.

"I had him round to my house for a cup of tea before Christmas and he told me he wanted to have a go at English football. That's the mentality I like.

"I'm delighted he has joined us.”

Robbie Fowler, the England forward, will turn down a proposed £8 million move from Leeds United to Manchester City, a deal that was expected to be one of the few significant transactions during football’s month-long transfer window.

Having been rejected by Fowler, Kevin Keegan, the City manager, is preparing to switch his attention to France and Germany, illustrating the growing disillusionment with an exorbitant and restrictive English market.

Meanwhile Leeds may accept an offer as low as £1m for Lee Bowyer rather than let him leave for nothing at season's end. Birmingham are said to be interested.

From the Sun:

Arsenal fan Pete White is being needled by mates — after having Manchester United tattooed on his chest.

Proud Pete, 41, bet pal and Utd supporter John Ashworth his side would beat their deadly rivals. Both felt so confident they agreed the loser would have to get a tattoo of the other team.

United won 2-0 and dad-of-five Pete said: “I was gutted, but a bet is a bet. My missus wasn’t very happy.”

The scaffolder, from Plymouth, will have the tattoo removed at the end of the season.

Doorman John, 35, said: “It was first suggested the loser would have his head shaved. But the bet got cranked up.”