Last updated : 02 June 2004 By Editor


“It's something that I've spoken to the manager about and, in all honesty, I don't really want to start thinking about that again until after the European Championships.

“This is far more important to me than anything that might happen next season. It's difficult, though. I haven't been playing regularly and I don't want to be in the same boat next season, especially now we have these transfer windows.

“You can find yourself stuck for months and then, when it gets to January, making a move to another club is not something you particularly want to rush into. It's something I need to sit down and think about. I need to talk to my family. I've got a wife and children to consider.

“Obviously I also need to talk to the manager at Old Trafford. It's something I need to think about seriously and I don't think now is the time.

"Things just haven't gone right for me at United this year but that's in the past now. That season is over and I need to look forward. I've always taken that attitude. I don't sulk. I just get on with it, and when I get my chance I try and take it.

“I haven't got a clue why I've been left out so much this season, although obviously people who have played there have done well.

"They've got a case for saying they should be in the team. Phil Neville's done brilliantly and, towards the end, Darren Fletcher has done well as well.

“Then, of course, you've got Roy Keane. I got injured early in the season and I don't think that helped. The lads who came in did well. They deserved to stay in.”