Last updated : 13 August 2004 By Editor
Roy Keane has said that United can't blame injuries or any other problems in the new season. It must be full steam ahead. He said:

"Look at the teams we put out against Dinamo Bucharest or against Arsenal in
the Community Shield,"

"There were maybe ten internationals playing.

"There is absolutely no point talking about the players who are injured, there
really isn't. They are out of the picture until they are back from injury.

"It gives others, the younger players, an opportunity. It is a great chance for them to be positive and if they get that chance, to take it.

"We were very happy to win on Wednesday, but it will be a different scenario
against Chelsea although it is another away game. We are looking forward to it, to starting the new league season.

"Every club, not just in the Premiership, will have some sort of problems during
the season but you just have to get on with it."