Last updated : 29 January 2007 By Editor
From Radio 5 yesterday.

“I'm loathe to say never but we think the ground is at about the right capacity. I think at 76,000 and with the right mix of corporate tickets and standard tickets, we're very comfortable with that.

“For certain games without doubt we'd sell out, top of the table matches. But other games, midweek games it may be more problematic. But with 76,000 with demand exceeding supply - we've got a sensible balance.”

On the Glazers:

“I think they have been true to their word. They have taken an interest in the management behind the scenes. But I think what the club has now is a great deal of stability in the ownership structure.

“Prior to the takeover it was played out in the media and we had a number of large shareholders there but what we have now is a very stable long term ownership situation. They've bought in new ideas and a fresh perspective.”

“From my perspective, and the other members of staff and the fans I think it's bought a sense of stability to the club which is most welcome in sport.”