Last updated : 08 April 2004 By Editor

“You can't just pick confidence out of a refrigerator. Beating Arsenal on Saturday means we still have a chance of winning a trophy but it has also restored our self-belief. We are too far behind in the league to do anything about it now but we have our pride and we can do much better than we have been.

“All I want to do is contribute to the team, whether it's for 15 minutes or 90. It was hard up front on my own at times on Saturday but against a side like Arsenal you expect that.

“You just try to do your job, make runs and either hope the ball comes to you or a defender follows you which makes space for others to run into.

“Anyone who thinks we don't care about the FA Cup should have been with us after the game on Saturday. It is a special competition and has been to me ever since I was a kid in Norway.

“At that time, it was always the last game of the season and we always used to watch it. It's five years since we had a chance to play in the final and every single one of us will be determined to make the team.”