Last updated : 22 August 2004 By editor

Chairman of the Chamber of Trade Paul Willies "They were very receptive to our offer," said the Bristol-born chamber chairman, Paul Willies who made a presentation to Glazer's representatives earlier this month.

Willies has yet to hear from Glazer, but he said the chamber could be helpful if the publicity-shy businessman ever decided to buy a controlling interest in United.

"We can help someone like Mr Glazer open doors in the UK," explained Willies.

Willies would welcome Glazer taking over United but acknowledges that there might be some issues for supporters.

"As a business group we want to develop more trade and encourage people to invest in the UK but I can see there might be an issue over loyalties for some fans. It would be like an Englishman coming here and buying the New York Yankees. There would be an uproar."

A Glazer move for United might also increase the club's fan base in the US, said Grant D Petersen, a Tampa lawyer and the chamber's treasurer.

"It would absolutely be a good thing. Tampa Bay lost its soccer team when the Mutiny left, so perhaps Tampa could adopt Manchester United."

Franchise football anyone?