Last updated : 20 January 2004 By editor
Racehorse tycoons John Magnier and JP McManus now own over a quarter of Manchester United plc after again increasing their shareholding.
Cubic Expression announced to the Stock Exchange yesterday that they have bought another 3,256,944 shares, which takes their holding over 66.5million and above the 25% mark.

SU Spokesman Oliver Houston said:

'All fans' groups and fans at our club are united in not wanting a takeover. A single owner or block of owners in control of our club would not be healthy - the opportunity for scrutiny and accountability would be lost and fans would have little chance of ever having a say in how their club is run. United is a 125-year old community asset and should not be treated like a stock market placing. Media moguls, currency speculators, oil tycoons and the rest should take note; our club is not for sale."

'Fans who care about United's independence must join SU now and help build a blocking stake to prevent hostile or unwanted bids and we very much hope that the club will aid us in this endeavour.'