Last updated : 27 August 2004 By editor

Peter Schmeichel:

"Wayne Rooney has a lot of ability and he needs to have something to show for that when he retires. I think the chances are he could go to Manchester United and win championships and win the Champions League. The chances of doing that are far better than at Newcastle.''

Wherever Rooney goes, Schmeichel will be a happy lad. According to Private Eye he owns 300’000 shares in the company representing Wayne.

Ryan Giggs:

"Rooney is still young but has already proved on a big stage like the European Championships that he is a special talent. Over the past couple of years the manager has tried to bring in the best young talented players around.

"And if we get Wayne we'll have the best two young players in Europe in him and Cristiano. We have already seen over the past 12 months what Cristiano can do and I think everybody has been thrilled by Wayne's play in the same period."


“If United take big players like that, it can only be good for the team,” the France forward said. “It’s not a problem for me.”

Old stinks of piss himself does his best to talk up Newcastle, "I think Newcastle would be a good move for him. He is only 18 and if he wants to go to Real Madrid or anywhere else in three or four years' time, he will still be only 22. I think it will be a great investment for this football club, I really do. You have got to make exceptions for the likes of Wayne Rooney if he takes someone's place because he is an exceptional talent."

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho sticks his media whore oar in:

"In Manchester United, when everybody is fit, they have (Ruud) van Nistelrooy, (Louis) Saha, Alan Smith and, again, no more than two are playing. So I think he has to choose what is best for his future but there are no problems for us."

"He is a good player. A good player is always a good player. A good player always improves his team and squad, and gives more solutions to the manager. But I think it's normal.

"Every team thinks big things and a striker can improve the squad and have an answer for the whole season because, although we're at the beginning at the moment, in November, December, there's the UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, everything together. The team with the best squad will feel more comfortable."