Last updated : 04 April 2004 By Editor

"I don't know what happened to the Arsenal defence but they left him [Giggs] free."

"Ronaldo was marvellous, but so was Darren Fletcher, especially for one so young. Wes Brown gets better with every game. He’s had such an unlucky career with injuries, but last week’s game at Highbury was the one which told Wes himself that he was back. He proved it today."

"The terrific atmosphere, the fact the fans are very much on top of you; the good pitch and the sheer tension of a semi-final all helped make the game as good as it was."

"Arsenal put in a great effort in the second half and Vieira covered the pitch like nothing on earth, but they didn’t create any chances. We defended excellently and kept them out of the box, which made us happy."

"Losing Ruud was a blow. If we had had any half-chances, he would have taken them, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer showed what an intelligent footballer he is. His movement was top-class."

"By putting three up they made it easy for us. They kept losing the ball and giving it back to us and in the second-half I don't think they really had a chance. All they were doing was outside the box, just a couple of long-range shots from Henry, and we were happy with that. But I thought Arsenal put in a great effort in the second half. Vieira was all over the place and both teams played with great spirit and desire."