Last updated : 26 January 2004 By Editor
This from Barclay in the Telegraph:

‘Even people with no particular affection for Manchester
United are entitled to be concerned at the apparent
vulnerability of the Premiership's strongest club, whose
disparate ownership may come to be reviewed as a fool's
paradise. I am almost tempted to cock an ear for the first
chants of "There's only one Martin Edwards".

‘Already I hear snorts from Frank Holt, of Littleborough,
and countless others who detested Edwards throughout his
stewardship, the last vestiges of which went last year. But
you take as you find and I always found Edwards to be a nice
chap as well as - more relevant in the context of those who
may seek to take control - a genuine United supporter.

‘He was not a perfect guardian of the club's standing and
lucky to have been guided away from the notions of selling
out to Michael Knighton and Robert Maxwell. But, given that
his father had been in charge during United's rise under
Matt Busby, and that he himself headed the board during
their renewal under Ferguson, the Edwards family could
hardly be described as a malign influence on the club, even
if Busby and Ferguson were the principal generators of
footballing and financial wealth.

‘Now United are a plaything. Behind the panache of
Ferguson's team and the splendour of their stadium lies a
brand. And brands can change. True, so can clubs. But it is
important, crucially important, that they are commanded by
people who care. Marks and Spencer were once the Manchester
United of affordable retail.’

But Mr. Barclay who was it who put United into this
questionable position in the first place? Who was it that
first raised the flotation issued in 1991, at such a time
(all Reds saving up for Rotterdam) and price as to exclude
the fans from taking part? Who was it who then sold more and
more of his share until over 50% of the club lay in the
hands of institutions leaving us vulnerable to the exact
problems we see now? Who was in control of the club during
the 90s when the brand was created, the club’s badge
desecrated and the exploitation of the supporters at its
peak? You guessed it – Martin Edwards.