Last updated : 24 January 2003 By Editor
Bryan Robson on Scholes:

"Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid operates in a similar way, as does Dennis Bergkamp at Arsenal but through injuries and selection, they have not been doing it to Paul's standards week in, week out.

"It's an illustrious duo to be compared with. But those are the heights to which Paul Scholes has taken his game.

"For my money, he has been United's best player this season by a million miles. It will take something to dislodge him as the Reds' Player of the Year. He has unquestionably been the most consistent performer.

"Paul has had no little blips at all. Even during the spell when United were having a tough time, he kept his form. I can certainly see Paul getting 20 goals this season.

"He's a fantastic striker of a ball, as good as I have seen. Not only that, but he has this special knack of timing runs into the danger area."

Scholes said:

"Goals do bring you confidence and, when I get a chance, I feel like I'm going to score. At the moment they are going in for me and hopefully that will carry on. Liverpool will be a massive game. I don't think people could have asked for a better final.”

Fergie on Wes Brown:

β€œHe's been absolutely phenomenal. He's a natural defender, he tackles well, he keeps his eye on the ball and he's lightning quick.”

The man himself:

"Arsenal are in the driving seat at the moment but we have the players to win the League. We just have to keep piling the pressure on them. We want to win it all - why not?

"When you are playing constantly it gives you so much confidence. You know what you are doing, you don't have to think, you just do it.

"When you have been out for a while and come back, first of all you are a bit lost. You're thinking: 'Where am I going? Am I in the right position?' After a match or two it all just floods back, though. It's weird.

"People ask if I felt threatened by Rio's arrival but it is not like that for me at all. He was probably the best defender at the World Cup, so to have him at United can only be good. I'm not just saying that as a player but as a United fan, too. I want the best for the club, and we get the best."