Players Preview Roma

Last updated : 02 October 2007 By editor

Cristiano Ronaldo, "I often get some comments from opposition players that bring a smile to my face. It happened during the last match against Roma when we were already winning 6-0. 'Don't do any more dribbles, you are already winning by six,' said one of them, almost begging."

Wayne Rooney, "If I was a Roma player, I would be rubbing my hands at getting such an early chance to make up for what happened. I would have been delighted when the draw was made and I wouldn't be able to wait for the game. I am sure that they will be fired up for this game more than any other, but we are aware of how they will be feeling and we just have to concentrate on doing our job properly

"It was a great result against them last season, but it won't happen again. This is the Champions League and it is a very difficult place to play football and get results like that one. I think Totti is pivotal to the way they play. Of course he is a fantastic hero for their fans because he is a home-produced player who never wanted to leave, which is understandable because we have several players like that here at United. He is looked upon as the king of their club, really."

Fergie, "I think there is a big motivation for Roma. I have seen some of the Italian papers and it's all about revenge. Understandably, it's a big occasion for them after the defeat last year and they will want to turn that scoreline around. But it was a one-off - it won't happen again. European football is just not that way nowadays, and it will be a very difficult game for us, Roma are playing very well at the moment."

Hargreaves, "There will be no repeat of the 7-1. Those results happen perhaps once every four years in the entire competition. It's not going to happen again. As long as we get the three points, I'll be happy.

"We're obviously one of the key teams in the Champions League but we can't think about winning it right now. We are in the same position as everyone else. It is only September, so the final is a long way off. The aim is to reach our peak later in the season. Hopefully we will get into the latter stages and then get the breaks any team needs to progress beyond that."