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From The People:

Over four months Posh has been:

-BOMBARDED with four-letter word insults.

-ENDURED nasty comments about her voice.

-SUFFERED outrageous slurs that she'd had cosmetic surgery on her stomach to keep her slender figure after the birth of her second baby.

The distraught former Spice Girl realised her own hair had thinned at the scalp. A leading hair expert said last night that the dramatic hair-loss could have been sparked by the emotional trauma troubled Victoria has been suffering.

Trichologist Leonora Doclis told The People: "This picture of Victoria shows an unusual patch on the head which could well be a condition called alopecia areata.

"If it is this type of baldness it has been caused by stress or trauma.

"It's a particularly awful type of hair loss because it's unexpected and sudden. Often sufferers wake up with a pile of hair on the pillow, or a clump falls out in the shower.

"Sometimes people don't realise the hair has dropped out from one small area and created a bald patch.