Pressure Is On says Jonny Evans

Last updated : 12 February 2013 By Utd Mad Ed

Jose Mourinho summed up the game when he said that this is the match that the whole world wants to see.

There are many fans travelling without tickets on the off chance that they may be lucky enough to pick one up while in Madrid, others will just be happy to be in the same vicinity taking the game in from one of the bars.

In their domestic leagues, the two sides are fairing rather differently, while United lead the Premier League table by twelve points, Real are lacking behind in La Liga.

But that will stand for nothing when the two giants of the game take to the field to sort this one out and Evans and co will be trying their best to shield themselves from the hype and hysteria that is building up ahead of the clash.

Speaking to reporters he said: "You don't get to appreciate it as a player. You miss the build-up because you are trying to keep your head down and making sure you are physically and mentally right.

"But we do know the pressure will be heightened and all the eyes are on us.

"I suppose Real Madrid have always had that. They are expected and if they don't do it, there is uproar.

"But we have that pressure on us.

"I am sure it will be a great occasion and everyone is looking forward to it as much as we are."